Curriculum vitae



Computer and Electronics engineering Faculty, Computer Engineering Department, Isfahan University of Technology
Ph.D. candidate for Software Engineering
Ph.D. thesis in Computers and network security
Average Score: 18.27


Mathematical   Science   Faculty,   Computer   Science   Department,   Shahid Beheshti University (National University of Iran) Computer Science
M.Sc. in Computer Science
M.Sc. thesis in Bioinformatics
Average Score: 17.54


Mathematical   Science   Faculty, Computer Science   Department, Shahid
Beheshti University
Computer Science
Information Systems / Algorithm B.Sc. in Computer Science
Graduated in top 10% Students.

Professional Experiences:

Spring 2012-Present
PadidAvaran NaramAfzar (PANA) Co, Isfahan, Isfahan Province
Network Security/ R&D Member
Member of UTM (Unified Threat Management) development Team
Head of WAF (Web Application Firewall) project
Spring 2009-Spring 2011
PayamPardaz Co, Isfahan, Isfahan Province
Security Systems / Security Adviser / Operating systems security


“miRNA Target Recognition using Alignment-derived Features”, with Dr.Katanforush, thesis derived paper, Accepted in International Journal of Data Mining and Bioinformatics, 2014
“Exp-Function Method for Finding Some Exact Solutions of Rosenau Kawahara and Rosenau Korteweg-de Vries Equations”, E.Mahdavi, Published in International Journal of Mathematical, Computational, Physical and Quantum Engineering, Vol.8, N.6, 993 – 999, 2014
M.Omoomi, S.Samavi, E.Mahdavi “Adaptive Steganography by Pseudo Random Cover dependent noise”, 5th   Iranian Society of Cryptology Conference, Iran, 2008
M.Mahdavi, S.Samavi, E.Mahdavi “Pseudo Random Pairing Steganography”, 4Th Iranian Society of Cryptology Conference, Iranian university of science & technology, Iran 2007

Technical Skills:

• C/C++                                               
• Java                                                   
• Mathematical software: Matlab
• DB Language (SQL)                       
• Linux programming and service configuration
• Data Base Platforms (MSSQL Server / MYSQL)
• C++ GUI Programming with Qt
• Mathematical software: Maple
• Also familiar to web-based programming (PHP)
• Win32 API Developer
• Linux application development with C++ (Qt)
• Linux configuration and service management